Oxygen Therapy


Philips Respironics

EverFlo (Stationary)  

EverFlo (Stationary)

  • Small and quiet stationary oxygen concentrator for home oxygen therapy
  • 5 LPM capacity
  • Weighs 14 kg



Newlife Intensity 10 (Stationary 10 lpm)

  • Newlife Intensity 10 (Stationary 10 lpm)
  • High flow oxygen concentrator with essential pressure
  • Up to 10 LPM
  • Weighs 26.3 kg


Portable Oxygen

SimplyGo Portable  

SimplyGo (Portable)

  • Portable oxygen concentrator that provides pulse-dose and continuous flow up to 2 LPM
  • Weighs 4.5 kg
  • Offers outstanding flexibility with its detachable battery that can be recharged wherever there is a power source, even in the car
SimplyGo Portable  

SimplyGo Mini (Portable)

  • Portable oxygen concentrator providing pulse-dose therapy
  • Delivers nearly 20% more oxygen than competing portable oxygen concentrators with comparable weight
  • Weighs 2.3kg with standard battery installed
  • Pulse volumes delivery with standard battery duration up to 4.5 hours
Portable Oxygen Cylinder Tank  

Portable Oxygen Cylinder Tank

  • Durable and lightweight 
  • Refillable
Portable Oxygen Cylinder Tank  
High Speed

Mini Oxygen Fill System

The system consists of "High Speed High Pressure Oil-Free Compressor" and 20 Litre PSA Oxygen Concentrator. The Compressor compresses and fills the low pressure oxygen generated from the Concentrator into different size of oxygen cylinders at high pressure. By using this system, you can generate and store oxygen whenever and wherever you like.

It is very suitable for small hospitals, medical clinics and any suitable places where delivery of oxygen cylinder is not convenient.

On-site oxygen generation and storage system enables you to enjoy Medical Oxygen whenever and wherever you need!


Oxygen Consumables & Accessories

  • Oxygen cannula
  • Oxygen tubing
  • Oxygen enrichment attachment
  • Humidifier bottle for oxygen concentrator
  • Large volume nebulizer
  • Tracheostomy and oxygen mask



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